Miami Foreign National Loans

Our foreign national mortgage programs are designed to fit the needs of foreign national customers. Permanent resident aliens and nonpermanent resident alien immigrants are eligible under our foreign national mortgage programs to take advantage of the same mortgage products as U.S. citizens on most loans that we finance. Foreign Nationals without U.S. residency may take advantage of select program offerings. U.S. citizens living abroad may also take advantage of our foreign national mortgage program.

Benefits of Our Foreign National Mortgage Program
•    Affordable mortgage financing to non-U.S. citizen residents
•    Immigrants lawfully residing in the U.S. have the same loan options as are available to U.S. citizens
•    One set of loan-to-value requirement for all borrowers having U.S. residency.
•    Access to the same credit terms and mortgage products as U.S. Citizens
•    Provides mortgages for primary residences, second homes and select investment properties
•    No additional restrictions on borrower funds
•    No additional documentation other than proof of lawful residency and English translations of required documents
•    No income verification programs for U.S. Citizens residing abroad
•    Available to U.S. Citizens who due to employment abroad, do not meet one or more of the following guidelines
1.    2 years recent established U.S. credit
2.    2 years employment history by a U.S. company
3.    Recent asset history in a U.S. financial institution


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